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City Centre to Bournville Village Trail

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This trail will take between 4-5 hours by cycle or scooter and if you are walking we suggest you allocate the whole day.   

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Centenary Square

The trail starts in Centenery Square.  In no particular order here are places we recommend you experience in Centenary Square. Link to the Feature

Baskerville House - A Birmingham Gem!

Baskerville+House+-+A+Birmingham+Gem!Photography by Elliott Brown.

Built in 1938 in the Art Deco style, Baskerville House, previously called the Civic Centre, is a former civic building in Centenary Square. The building is steeped in history. Link to the feature

Public Art - Industry and Genius - Centenary Square

Photography by Daniel Sturley.

This is a monument to John Baskerville, unvielled in 1990 it comprises of eight short stone pillars in the shape of press machine letter stamps spelling 'Virgil' with bronze letters.

Hall of Memory - A Birmingham Gem!

Hall+of+Memory+-+A+Birmingham+Gem!Photography by Elliott Brown.

The Hall of Memory is a war memorial designed by Cooke and Twist which was opened in 1925 in Centenary Square, Birmingham. Link to the feature

The Library of Birmingham, UK - A City Gem!

The+Library+of+Birmingham%2c+UK+-+A+City+Gem!Photography by Daniel Sturley.

The Library of Birmingham, which opened in September 2013, is one of the most photographed of modern builds in the City. With so much to experience, a visit to the Library is a must! Link to the feature

Public Art - A Real Birmingham Family - Centenary Square

Photography by Daniel Sturley.

Cast in bronze, this sculpture depicts two local sisters Roma and Emma Jones, each a single mother with their respective children, son’s Kyan and Shaye. Emma is pregnant with second son Isaac.  

Centenary Square - Reflective Pool and Fountains

Photography by Daniel Sturley.

Reflective pool with fountains / water jets.

The Birmingham Repertory Theatre - A City Gem!

The+Birmingham+Repertory+Theatre+-+A+City+Gem!Photography by Elliott Brown.

The Birmingham REP, as it is commonly known, moved into its Centenary Square in 1971. Since then it has seen a number of refurbishments and extensions as the Square has developed.Link to the feature

Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK - A City Gem!

Symphony+Hall%2c+Birmingham%2c+UK+-+A+City+Gem!Photography by Daniel Sturley.

The Symphony Hall was opened in Centenary Square in 1991. It is home to the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. The foyer was rebuilt between 2019/21  Link to the feature

The Hyatt Regency Hotel, Birmingham, UK - A City Gem!

The+Hyatt+Regency+Hotel%2c+Birmingham%2c+UK+-+A+City+Gem!Photography by Elliott Brown.

The 4* Hyatt Regency Hotel, prominently located in the centre of Birmingham with its exquisite blue glass exterior facade, draws considerable admiration from locals and visitors alike.  Link to the feature

The Exchange (former Municipal Bank), 3 Centenary Square - A Birmingham Gem!

The+Exchange+(former+Municipal+Bank)%2c+3+Centenary+Square+-+A+Birmingham+Gem!Photography by Elliott Brown.

The Birmingham Municipal Bank was built from 1932-33. Later became a Trustee Savings Bank. By the time it closed in 2006 it was Lloyds TSB. Now The Exchange | University of Birmingham, 2021. Link to the feature

One more place to experience before joining the canal. Head up Broad Street away from Centenary Square and you will find The Black Sabbath bench.

The Black Sabbath bench - A Birmingham Gem!

The+Black+Sabbath+Bench+-+A+Birmingham+Gem!Photography by Daniel Sturley.

The Black Sabbath bench is a celebration of the pioneering success of the Birmingham Heavy Metal band on Broad Street on the now named Black Sabbath Bridge over the canal. Link to the feature

Now go into Brindleyplace in order to connect with the towpath running along the canal that will take you to Gas Street Basin.

Gas Street Basin - A Birmingham Gem!

Photography by Daniel Sturley.

Gas Street Basin is where the Birmingham Canal Navigations Mainline meets the Worcester & Birmingham Canal at the Worcester Bar. Narrowboats are moored on both sides. Link to the feature.

Now proceed along the canal to The Cube.

The Cube, Birmingham, UK - Great city architecture

The+Cube%2c+Birmingham%2c+UK+-+Great+architecturePhotography by Daniel Sturley.

The Cube is a wonderful example of modern and creative architecture and was built between 2007 and 2010. It was inspired by the city's tradition of jewellery making. Link to the feature

Now it's time to head off to the Birmingham University,

Instead of crossing the bridge to The Cube bear right and head along the canal towpath out of the city centre.

Enjoy some great sights along the canal as your head out towards the University.


University of Birmingham

Exit the canal towpath at the railway station and head into the university. Just look out for the clock tower affectionately known as 'Old Joe' and head there.

University of Birmingham - Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower known as 'Old Joe'

Photography by Christine Wright

'Old Joe' is the tallest free standing clock tower in the world, It is located in Chancellor's Court at the University of Birmingham and was built between 1900 and 1908. Link to the feature.

Aston Webb Building and Chancellor's Court at the University of Birmingham - A Birmingham Gem!

Aston+Webb+Building+and+Chancellor%60s+Court+at+the+University+of+Birmingham+-+A+Birmingham+Gem!Photography by Elliott Brown.

The Unversity's Great Hall is located in the domed Aston Webb Building. This is the main building, built in Accrington red-brick, that forms the University's Chancellor's Court. Link to the feature

University Square and 'The Green Heart' at the University of Birmingham - A wonderful open space!

University+Square+and+%60The+Green+Heart%60+at+the+University+of+Birmingham+-+A+wonderful+open+space!Photography by Damien Walmsley.

University Square at the University of Birmingham is a beautiful public space for staff, students and the local community to enjoy. It encompasses the Green Heart project. Link to the feature

Main Library at the University of Birmingham - A Birmingham Gem!

Main+Library+at+the+University+of+Birmingham+-+A+Birmingham+Gem!Photography by Daniel Sturley.

The Main Library of the University of Birmingham is one of the largest academic libraries in the country. It was completed in the summer of 2016. Link to the feature

University Square

University Square

Photography by Elliott Brown

University Square is located at the University of Birmingham on it's world famous Edgbaston Campus. It is between the Westgate and Eastgate, and north of the Aston Webb Building.

University of Birmingham Guild of Students - A Birmingham Gem!

University+of+Birmingham+Guild+of+Students+-+A+Birmingham+Gem!Photography by Elliott Brown.

The University of Birmingham Guild of Students is situated on the Edgbaston Campus of the University of Birmingham, near Edgbaston Park Road. The building used to be known as BUGS.

Barber Institute of Fine Arts - A Birmingham Gem!

Barber+Institute+of+Fine+Arts+-+A+Birmingham+Gem!Photography by Elliott Brown.

The world renowned Barber Institute of Fine Arts is located at the University of Birmingham in Edgbaston behind The Equestrian Statue of King George I. Link to the feature

University of Birmingham - Sports Centre

Photography by Daniel Sturley.

The University of Birmingham’s new Sport & Fitness club comprises the city's first 50m pool, as well as an extensive state-of-the-art gym; five activity studios for classes; a squash court complex; a large multi-sports arena; a climbing wall and much more.

Now we head to Bournville via Selly Park. 

Cross over the main road just after the Sports Centre and take the Bournbrook Road.  At the Selly Park, head down Raddlebarn Road and then down Willow Road into Bournville.

An alternative way to Bournville is along the canal.

Bournville - a community of Birmingham

This is a fascinating village, community and neighbourhood which is full of history. Link to the feature

Cadbury World and the Cadbury Family's association with Bournville and Birmingham

The Cadbury family's association with Birmingham dates back to 1824 when John Cadbury opened a grocer’s shop in Bull Street, Birmingham.  Link to the feature to learn more.

Bournville Village Green - A wonderful open space!

Bournville+Village+Green+-+A+wonderful+open+space!Photography by Elliott Brown

The Bournville Village Green is in Bournville, and is around The Rest House. Between Linden Road and Sycamore Road. Surrounded by buildings from the early 20th century. Link to the feature

Selly Manor (and Minworth Greaves) - Historic Gems in Bournville

Selly+Manor+(and+Minworth+Greaves)+-+Historic+Gems+in+BournvillePhotography by Elliott Brown

Selly Manor is a timber framed building in Bournville. It was moved to its current site in 1916 by chocolate manufacturer and philanthropist George Cadbury. Including Minworth Greaves. Link to the feature

The Rest House, Bournville - A Birmingham Gem!

The+Rest+House%2c+Bournville+-+A+Birmingham+Gem!Photography by Elliott Brown

At the centre of Bournville Village Green is The Rest House. Completed in 1914 to commmemorate the silver wedding anniversary of George and Elizabeth Cadbury. Now the Carillon Visitor Centre. Link to the feature

Bournville Quaker Meeting House - A Birmingham Gem!

Bournville+Quaker+Meeting+House+-+A+Birmingham+Gem!Photography by Elliott Brown

The Friends' Meeting House in Bournville is near Linden Road and the Village Green. Built in 1905, architect W. Alexander Harvey. There is a bronze bust of George Cadbury facing the green. Link to the feature

Bournville Carillon - A Birmingham Gem!

Bournville+Carillon+-+A+Birmingham+Gem!Photography by Elliott Brown

The Bournville Carillon is one of the finest instruments of it's kind in the world and was installed by George Cadbury in 1906 as a gift to the workers at Cadbury's. Link to the feature

St Francis of Assisi Church, Bournville - Culture, history and faith

St+Francis+of+Assisi+Church%2c+Bournville+-+Culture%2c+history+and+faithPhotography by Elliott Brown

Bournville Parish Church is dedicated to St Francis of Assisi. Situated near Linden Road in Bournville, completed 1925, architect W. Alexander Harvey. Built in a Basilican style. Link to the feature


That is the end of the trail.  We hope you enjoyed it.

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